Best birthday organizers in Delhi

We as the best birthday organizers in Delhi will give you some tips to plan your baby”s birthday bash. The very first thing that you worry about is the decoration. You all want your venue to look beautiful and make your party the talk of the town. Here are few must haves to keep in mind while ordering your work through a party planner.

  • Khoi bag -This is an old ritual followed till your baby is less than 10. Twenty  years from now we used to burst a balloon and all the sweets , chocolates and candies used to come out with a splash. Now this has been replaced by what is called a khoi bag. It is made of the same theme which you choose for your party.                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Loot bags – It doesn’t look descent to collect the sweets in your hand and fill your pockets. We have a solution for this. Loot bags are small bags we give along with the khoi bag which look very attractive. The kids take these bags along filled with sweets , stationary,etc.
  • Cake station – This is the center of attraction of any birthday party. The best birthday organizers in Delhi will give you a lot of options for this. See the picture for reference.

best birthday organizers in delhi



                Best birthday organizers in Delhi

  • Entrance with a welcome board – Every venue should have a creative catchy entrance. It can either be in the form of balloons or it can be in two-dimensional structure ( see our gallery). A welcome board mentioning the occasion and the kid”s name is a must have at every party.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Backdrop- A collage of your baby or a backdrop highlighting the theme is provided by us being one of the best birthday organizers in Delhi.


  • Interior decor – Table decor , passage decor , ceiling decor , wall decor are few ways of highlighting the theme. You can either use all to make it look something grand or you can only stick to ceiling if you want to keep it light.


  • Blessing board – The only way to remember your guests” wishes for your kid is through a blessing board. We give you various options while choosing a blessing board.

These were some of the decor tips you should read before finalizing your decor. Apart from this , good food, good photography , games and other entertainment , dj / live band should too given importance. We are one of the best birthday organizers in Delhi who can help you with your kid”s birthday and make the entire scenario very memorable for you.