First Birthday Party Decorations

The 7 vows is a Delhi based event company specializing with First Birthday Decorations. Not only we provide you with various theme decor options but all the related services under one roof.

The parents are confused on what theme should they choose for their baby’s 1st birthday. This page would certainly lighten their confusion. The very first thing you need is to contact a birthday planner and second thing is to decide upon a theme for 1st birthday party decorations. If you have a girl , go for the following –

  • princess theme
  • barbie theme
  • fairy theme
  • Cinderella theme
  • hello kitty
  • Alice in wonderland
  • Minnie mouse
  • Tinkerbell
  • powerfuff girls

For boys you can one among the following –

  • chhota bheem
  • mickey mouse
  • superman
  • disneyland
  • jungle theme
  • jungle book
  • Thomas
  • f1
  • Aladdin

Candy land and chocolate world are all time attractive and colorful themes. They can be done for both boys as well as girls. Choosing such lively themes highlights the 1st birthday party decorations.

1st birthday party decorations

1st birthday party decorations

Now we’ll tell some must have in a 1st birthday-

  • welcome board
  • cake station
  • baby’s backdrop
  • balloons
  • theme cut outs
  • blessing board

Apart from this basic 1st birthday party decor, few games for the guest kids are a must. Tattoo artist , a magic show and a bouncy are most enjoyable among the age group till 10.

Apart from the decor and games , The 7 vows help with the theme designer cake , return gifts , anchor, dj and photography. To make your party interesting , a games coordinator can be asked for . He engages the guests in the right way. They enjoy and this creates memories for theme even after the party is over.

So once your venue is booked and birthday planner is hired , you need to sit back and relax. We’ll do the rest. We have a sound name in 1st birthday party decorations.