First Birthdays

Looking for First Birthday Planner? Have your baby’s First Birthday Parties coming up? Are you confused about how to go about it’s planning? You will certainly get a lot of information and ideas here.

The very first thing you need to do while planning first birthdays is finalizing the guest-list and booking a suitable venue. Make sure the venue you book allows you to get the theme decorations done . Some properties object and hence there’s no fun celebration without getting a theme decoration done.

The second thing while planning the first birthdays is selecting a theme. We make that easy for you by showing you a lot of birthday theme options. We have a lot of different themes for boys as well as girls. There are special first birthday themes also. Your invites, decoration, cake, games and return gifts would revolve around the theme you chose for your baby’s birthday.

First birthdays

                                                              First Birthdays

After you have hired a birthday planner, you need to relax and let us do the rest for you. Some of the famous first birthday themes are Disney theme, water world, jungle theme, barbie world, pink theme, blue theme and super heroes theme. The must have games on first birthdays are ball pool, bouncy, a tattoo artist, balloon shooting and dart. You can also keep some entertainment for adults like having a tarot reader, a caricature artist, games coordinator who engages theme in a lot of fun and black magic which interests them. Now, after discussing on decor and games, we come on the cake table section. In this we give a designer theme based cake, theme masks, caps, hooters, khoi bag, loot bags with attractive fillings, theme based cup cakes and tissues.

You also need to get done some other services like photography , lighting , entertainment section and catering . We hope you all have very memorable and beautiful first birthdays for your kids.