kids party planner

“The 7 vows ” is one of the most innovative kids party planner you’ll come across. We plan your kid’s birthday in a unique and exotic way. We offer you various themes you can chose from. Girls theme , boys theme , jungle theme , disney theme , ben 10 theme , f1 theme , beach theme , princess theme are some of the themes you can chose from. We have more than hundred ways of  planning your child’s birthday.

” Whatever your special little person wants for their extra special day- we deliver “.

kids party planner

                                                     Kids party planner

Not only are we kids party planner but we also help you with the venues may it be farms , banquets , a beautiful terrace or a five star property. A good kid’s party planner is one who offers you a to z services under one roof for your baby’s birthday. Here we give you everything. You’ll get theme khoi bags, loot bags, tissues , glass , tooth picks , plates , eye-masks, caps , balloons, return gifts and props as well. You need not worry about the arrangements when you hire us.

We as India’s leading kids party planner offer you personalized birthday services. We customize the birthday decor and package as per your budget. We also help you with the catering. Invitations , return gifts , disk jockeys , sound & light , photography , birthday cakes and event coordination also taken care of by us.

We also provide complete theme based sets and castles for kids birthdays.  Birthday activities , games , adventure sports and some amazing entertainment are also some of the options you can chose from. You get a systematic schedule from us of how your birthday event would proceed. In case of outdoor birthdays you get a sketch that clarifies you how your venue would look on your special day.

” you fantasize , we design “

A kids birthday is incomplete if the kids dont enjoy. We give you games coordinators you engage the kids in different activities and games. In this way you don’t have to leave your friends and run after the kids to make them play. We as a kids party planner take the entire en charge of it.