Theme birthdays

Jul 02, 2014

Are you planning for getting theme birthdays done for your kids or family members? If yes , you have certainly landed to the right place. Here you will get a lot of information about how to proceed.

The very first thing is to chose a theme for the theme birthdays you are planning . There are various themes for girls , boys , children as well as adults. Some of the options for girls are-

  • barbie theme
  • princess theme
  • mermaid theme
  • hello kitty theme
  • candy land theme
  • minnie mouse theme
  • Cinderella theme
  • chocolate world
  • fairy land
  • pink theme
  • baby world
  • under water world

some options for boys are-

  • superhero theme
  • pirates theme
  • superman theme
  • water world
  • ben 10
  • blue theme

some options for adults are-

  • Halloween theme
  • retro theme
  • carnival theme
  • ball room theme

The second thing after finalizing the theme is hiring a birthday planner. The 7 vows is the most innovative option you would across for getting planned the theme birthdays for your loved ones. Once you hire a party planner, your job is over. Sit back and let the planner do the rest.

theme birthdays

                                                               Theme Birthdays

Third , let your party planner do the invites on the very same theme you choose. It would be good if you chose your attires revolving on the same theme.The cake too would be designed on the same theme. The party props , return gifts , tissues , kids spoons and much more would add grace to the theme.

These kind of theme birthdays are the new talk of the town. Make sure you too go with the trend. Also get a photo booth done along with a photographer to capture the beautiful moments. A blessing board done on the same theme is also a must . In this way you would have the blessing s of the guests preserved with you. After the party a little gift is given to the guests with a small text customized on it which would be like “thanks for coming on xyz’s birthday. In this way they’ll always remember your event and your little gesture.   Hope you have well planned and organized theme birthdays.






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